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 Заголовок сообщения: Fall Creator logging in all users at once bypassing password
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I have a HP 17" Laptop. I use an external HP USB keyboard and Optical USB mouse and disabled the keypad on it. Bought new with Win 7 in April 14. Migrated up 8 to 8.1 to 10 etc. and just now it did the Fall Creator update. It is my main system. I am disabled and do not go out of the house with it.

I have two user accounts, each with their own different password on them. The first one with full "Admin rights" the second being a "Local user" account. I only use the first account to install or uninstall programs and updates.

I only use it via Eithernet on a 10 ft cord. I have all WIFI turned off, even so far as to run in airplane mode to guarantee it is not using WIFI.

I do not have a MS account for logon and have never created a MS account to log on.

After Fall Creator update when I log into my "local account" it also is logging in the "Admin account" which it shouldn't do plus that has a password on it so how can that be? I found this out when I went to restart the computer and it told me I had another account still open and when I looked sure enough the main "Admin account" was logged on!!!!

So I went to Start button clicked on the "Admin account" entered my password and then logged off of it then went back to my "Local Account" and did the restart. This has happened more than once.

What is weird also. Both accounts I use a fill color for the background on the login screens. I noticed the "Admin account" fill color was identical to the "Local account" fill color which it should not have been. It has it's own color.

This is not the only problems I am having. I will create another post for the problems I am having with constant DNS errors and disconnects. I have been chasing my tail on that one for over 3 months now.

I only use Eithernet and have all WIF turned off on this laptop.

If I need to use my printer via WIFI I go to my Time Warner UBEE DVW32CB modem 2.4G and via Access Control I enter the MAC address for the printer and reset the printer to see the laptop. I turn WIFI on just for that print job then reset everything.

The only thing my WIFI is used for is my Ipad in the bedroom to listen to a local low powered AM radio station I can't get via the radio and I play one Vegas World video game. Only the free version, no money or bit coins involved.

How can it be that my "Admin Account" is being activated. I DON'T want that being online other than when installing etc. and how is it logging on without the password? This is why I created a "Local User" password protected account. I do all my gmail and surfing from my "Local Account". I use Chrome as my default browser. I use two extensions Flash Control and AdBlock Plus. and those are only installed on the "Local Account".

I use Windows Defender and Malwarebytes premium as my security programs.

Also note Fall Creator update reset all Computer Services and I had to go back and disable some. I disable all xbox features since I don't do gaming and don't have an xbox. I also disable UPnP per Steve Gibbons Shields Up recommendations and had to go back and disable that again.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Note Per "Spectrum" the new ISP that took over Time Warner Cable I am using IPv6 but Steve Gibbons Shields Up shows an IPv4 address. When I look at Network Sharing Center I see an IPv6 address and a IPv4 address. I am using OPEN DNS for the IPv4 per Leo Laport's recommendations. Oh this is so darn confusing.

Anyone out there that can help me out really appreciated.


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